Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif- Why Organizations Need a Successful Project Management?

Project management is a developing field which seriously utilized by the organization of all sizes. As the entrepreneurs along with company executives manages the consistent obligations of dealing with an organization, therefore, it is mandatory to hire the dedicated project manager who would be capable in supervising the project from start to the final stage of execution.
A compelling project management practice ends up being useful for the organization to complete vast scale project within the deadline, in budget as well as with negligible interruption to the rest of business.

To comprehend what the significance of project management is, here are the few reasons proposed by Khalifa Al Saif, a reputed company which delivers project management services to the several large and small size organizations globally:

§  Organization Commotions. The primary and leading function of project management is managing as well as planning projects to lessen any chaos.

§  Controlling Risk. Any project has a lot of risk. Risk prompts odds of loss. Hence project management distinguishes the risk.

§  Quality Control. Quality recognizes the cost of what you deliver. Project management recognizes, organizes and control quality.

§  Clearing Issues. Business activities some of the time confront issues that must be figured out how to accomplish the desired results. Project management assumes basic part in perceiving and clearing issues.

§  Keeping and Using Knowledge. Knowledge portrays an essential rule for any business. You ought to have learning before you step in any project. Project management guarantees that project knowledge is captured and controlled.

§  Learning from failure. Gaining from disappointment is a critical key to business advancement and better quality. Project management assures that lessons are found out from project gain and loss.

Khalifa Al Saif Reviews make your probing experience for the supposed company simple and exciting. You can judge the different sorts of services the company offers by finding the satisfaction rate of other customers.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif – 5 Fundamental Phases of Project Management

The essential thought of a task is that it experiences different stages or a set of actions that deal from beginning to end. The expert from Khalifa Al Saif group has stated all the 5 basic elements or phases which are frequently followed by the project manager for great execution of the project.
1.      Project Initiation - The possibility of the course will be carefully analyzed to decide if it benefits the organization or not. A decision making team deliberately looks at the statistical data and figures on whether the project can be reasonably dedicated on time or not. The significant stakeholders and the course sponsor go ahead a typical stage to decide the achievability of the course.

2.      Project Planning - A complete project management plan is created and individual plans for cost, resource, and risks are figured. The extent of the course is embraced in writing indicating the work that should be performed. At this stage a team tends to isolate the course on the vital areas of priority, make a financial plan alongside a schedule.

3.      Project Execution - After a project deliverable is built and finished, with the help of a mapped design. The assets errands are disturbed among the colleagues and every last one of them is educated well ahead of time of their normal duties. It is such period of a course which will obviously help you to comprehend on whether your project is a win or a disappointment.

4.      Project Monitoring And Control - Both of them have a tendency to happen at the phase of execution. The supervisors with the course will think about the status of the task as well as relate to the advancement of the genuine plan.

5.      Closure Of The Project - After every one of the tasks related to the project After every one of the client has give their thumbs up to the result, a thorough assessment is important to decide if the project has been a win or disappointment and gain from the course history.

The project and the project management process, differs from industry to industry, yet the fact of the matter is that these are usual elements of a course. The core purpose is to build up a product or to render a service which infers most extreme benefit to an organization.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif – Tips for Project Management Success in 2017

The achievement of any project depends on a project manager’s ability to design a customized, project-specific systematic way to deal with project execution. The approach must line up with the requirements of the customer and the qualities of their team.

Obviously, most project managers realize that work process management— or some other measure of project management achievement—is imperative, however how to do it right is regularly obtuse. For any experienced project manager, you realize that making sense of the best project management tips and tricks accompany time and experience.
Utilize this rundown to review the five steps for project management success in 2017, and figure out how you can make this the greatest year of your career.

1.      Map your day utilizing time management techniques
Arranging your day will go far in keeping you organized and expanding your profitability.
2.      Include stakeholders in significant project conversations
Good communication is basic is keeping both parties educated of project progression, abridging degree crawl, and advised of evolving requirements. Building up communication expectations early helps alleviate stakeholder vulnerability about communication frequency and delivery.

3.      Frequently communicate with your team
Day by day team communication assists monitor misunderstandings as well as unclear requirements under control. Keeping your group educated in each progression of the project is basic to extend project management success.

4.      Expect project impedes
Keep in mind that even with a high amount of planning and attention to detail, your project may in any case experience a few difficulties. Focus on complaints from stakeholders or colleagues, and other cautioning signs, similar to a missed due date or cost invade, that there might be an issue.

5.      Stay focused on the details
A typical problem project manager’s encounter is having the project aims not aligned with the organization’s aims. A great project manager will strategize an arrangement for the project to lead back to the general accomplishment of the business. Along these lines, know your project’s scope by heart and abstain from meandering outside of the project’s requirements.

Basically, a project manager must be a specialist in initiative, communication, and organizational skills. The project manager at Khalifa Al Saif has good knowledge and has helped the worldwide organizations to achieve their business goals providing them the better project management services.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif - Why Project Management Is Significant for Business Outcomes

You may have heard the people saying that a group of team members with no project manager is similar to a cricket team with no captain. Hence, project management is a kind of indispensible function for business and is utilized as a means of fulfilling the strategic objectives.
Project management has grown as an important factor that decides the success of an organization. The expert of Khalifa Al Saif has stated that project management function is not just limited to just IT industry, it is across industries and geographies.

About Project Management
Project Management is a universal tool intended to give a successful way to finish a project within a predefined budget and given deadline. In business, this provides a worthy and highly effective structure which assists to recognize and concentrate on the priorities, track and measure performances and lots more.

Rising Need of Project Managers
Companies employ project managers so that that the goal set by the clients as well as the stakeholders can be accomplished within the decided timeframe. After all, companies do business, so there has to a good return on investment (ROI). The project managers help to keep the project cost not to exceed the predefined budget in combination with on-time delivery so that ROI can be protected.

Importance of Project Managers
Several people get perplexed about what project managers actually do especially in agile projects. The reality is whether the project follows the concept of waterfall model or agile methodology, the presence of the project managers will always be expected because of following reasons –
·         People are needed to be managed and aligned with the project goals.
·         Requirements are similar to wind that blows randomly every time, these unexpected changes require to be controlled as well as manage.
·         Communication gaps require to be bridged.
·         Process are not ideal, they require to be enhanced.
·         Supervise and manage variations and take measures to drag the project back on track.
Therefore, the successful project management method leads to business success with lesser risk, reduced costs and most crucial of all improved customer satisfaction.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif - How Project Management is Different from General Management

The contrasts between the project management and the general management are truly not very clear. Therefore, some difference among the two set them apart, providing them each an uncommon definition. With this blog, one of the experts from Khalifa Al Saif will explain what they are to the organization and how diverse they are from each other.

What is Project Management & General Management?
Project Management
The project management is consist of organizing, planning, motivating as well as controlling procedures, resources and protocols to accomplish particular goals of a specific project. The aim of the project management would be to utilize the limited time and resources and channel them towards the accomplishing of the project to acquire the excellent results that are advantageous and worthy.
Though are several approaches to project management, the traditional one is comprised of –
·         Initiation
·         Planning and design
·         Execution and construction
·         Monitoring and controlling systems
·         Completion

General Management
The general management can be referred as the coordinating the usage of the existing resources and time toward the achievement of the particular goal or an objective of the certain business or an organization. This activity basically consists of organizing, planning, leading, staffing, controlling as well as directing the particular resources, people or time. This additionally adds the manipulation of financial, technological, human or resources to the great advantage of the cause at hand.

Difference between Project Management and General Management
Though the functions as well as duties of the both type of managements are quite much same, some difference between them make them uncommon functions with identities of themselves.
1.       Project management is generally engaged in projects that are short-term and time bound. General management is employed for continuing procedures or functions of definite organizations, businesses etc.

2.       Typically, in project management, resources are confined. Whereas, general management is too liable for resourcing no matter what essential ingredients as regarded essential for the extension of functions.
Consequently, one can articulate that the dissimilarity between the project management and general management does not rest in leadership or extra qualities needed but in the scope of duties that cover within each role.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif - 5 Project Management Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Project managers forever comprise to be prepared to adjust with varying circumstances and meet brittle complexities. However, they will most probable to get successful results with a perceptive project management plan.

Below given is the list of 5 successful tips recommended by the experts of Khalifa Al Saif who offer effective project management service - 

1.      Describe Your Project Plans.
The initial and most important thing in project planning is to figure out what plans you are contracting with others. Primary, what is a project?  The definition is everything that takes more than a few easy tasks to complete. Increasing your connecting networks? That is a project.

2.      Determine Your Projects’ Starting And Ending Date.
You must decide when the project should start and end. This determination allows you to sequence projects by arranging them based on when they need to start or finish. Starting and ending dates will allows you to preparation around your own business sequences and put off projects from just about for much longer than they should.

3.      Create A One-Page Planning Chart.
A small arrangement goes a long way to serving a project succeeds. Toward create a one-page planning chart; make a note of your answers or remarks for each of the following questions:

·         What problem will the project solve?
·         What is the benefit to the organization?
·         What are the potential obstacles?
·         What risks does this project pose?
·         What are the major milestones?

4.      Set up communication schedules. 

Designed for any project, that occupies multiple team members, net communication schedules in precede.
·         Who is responsible for inspection on whether the plan is meeting its landmarks?
·         Will someone be reporting progress weekly or monthly?

5.      Identify if and when to give up.

Even if it is best to finish what you start, occasionally it is necessary to drag the block. As you have all of your projects laid out, with start and end dates and a clear one-page planning chart that includes milestones and communication guiding principle then you should have all the information you need to know when to give up a project.
Therefore, as you want to make complete project in a given time limit then follow these tips and excel in your work.