Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eight Abilities Your Project Manager Require to Win

An adept project manager is basic to achievement. An accomplished project manager knows how to lead the making of a viable project technique, fabricate a sealed shut project plan, and drive day by day tasks while critical thinking along the way. So what are those abilities that you require to search for in a project manager? Here are 8 important central competencies capabilities that are basic to the achievement of a project manager, and thus, the fruitful execution of your intricate activities.
1.  Performance

·         Drives scope advancement and management
·         Builds up and keeps up project budgets, schedules, and timelines
·         Utilizes strong organizational skills
·         Incorporates time management principles into the work process
·         Coordinates continuous risk management trade-offs

2.  Decision Making

·         Gathers and structures the accessible information affecting the project
·         Settles on auspicious choices in based on facts, conditions, and needs
·         Conducts situation analysis

3.  Communications

·         Passes on data to every prime stakeholders in both written and verbal formats
·         Decides and uses the suitable communication channels
·         Induces important insights from a gathering of information
·         Utilizes active listening
·         Gets ready and conveys presentations

4.  Strategy Development

·         Comprehends the effect of a project straightforwardly to and across different functions
·         Comprehends the effect of a project to the general business
·         Incorporates business objectives into the project scope and deliverables
·         Creates metrics to monitor progress towards objectives
·         Comprehends project and organizational dependencies

5.  Team Management

·         Drives and motivates the team
·         Leads by example
·         Manages and settle conflict
·         Develops relationships inside and outside the team
·         Delegates appropriately
·         Displays team organization and governance

6.  Business Acumen

·         Comprehends industry trends and their effect on business
·         Reacts to market and business changes that influence the project and business
·         Monitors rivalry and its effect on the project and business

7.  Critical Thinking

·         Decides the legitimacy of project progress
·         Keeps up project objectivity
·         Applies continuous analysis to the project
·         Incorporates the project with cross useful targets

8.  Leadership

·         Takes initiative
·         Coach team members
·         Effects change and monitors growth
·         Responds in a politically astute manner

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Monday, May 29, 2017

4 Successful Tips for Effective Project Management Plan : Khalifa Al Saif

Indeed, even before contracts are signed or spending plans put aside, every new project starts with a plan What's more, keeping in mind the end goal to adapt to the turmoil that will accompany the work, pioneers must have an entire and well-thoroughly considered project management plan in hand.
Here are four steps to making better plans for any project which is the method to executing an effective project with insignificant anxiety.

1.       Write a Project Management Plan On Paper

This is the main step to ensure that team has clear idea about those goals and understands how well their individual roles fit into the larger mission. They are required to know how each and every step along the way will contribute. Leaders make themselves to strategize more successfully and respond to employers needs by writing down a brief abstract of the plan.

2.       Think About Timeline and Scope

Making workers to perform all tasks within timeline has a significant effect in whether an activity achieves its objectives while remaining in budget. A leader motivates the team to move ahead by setting important points of reference and achievable due dates for deliverables. If everybody knows the course of events, gets consistent updates, and knows how to heighten the circumstance when there's an issue, the team set to finish its work within deadline.

3.       Interact With Stakeholders

Making a project management plan from the earliest starting point is another approach to keep the team from getting off track or making inefficient mistakes. This plan should to include the core team, any other workers who may have periodic contribution, administration, and any outside accomplices or sellers who may require refreshes every now and then.

4.       Predict Problems

In any project, there will be postponements, clashes, and difficulties. A better risk management plan restricts the effect of these issues and may caution workers to evade them altogether. The leader should to consider all issues that could emerge early, evaluate their probability, and allot obligation regarding overseeing them.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

7 Strong Project Management Skills a Project Manager Should Have

In project management, people search for these intellectual individuals who through their calmness and ideas realize new methods and ways. According to the experts of Khalifa Al Saif, whether it is the utilization of innovation or the simple use of methods and activities, this workforce is especially a basic part of the way businesses work nowadays.

Behavioural Project Management Skills

1.      Communication - Project managers should assure that they convey in a basic, clear, and exact way. Their communication style should be that of bearing, motivation, and inspiration.

2.      Leadership - The quickest approach to move through project work is to take a look at like a pioneer as opposed to only a manager of the distinctive factors, leading to a effective project.

3.       Team Management - Team management includes playing on these parts of your team members and conveying them to a phase where, as a project manager, you can help them boost their potential and complete the work in the quickest time plausible and with the most elevated quality conceivable. Picking up your team members dedication is the thing that great team management rides up to.

4.      Time Management - Time management holds the way to put together an awesome project timeline and adherence of that timeline increases the opportunities of success.

5.      Quality Management- Engaging in quality practices and having the capacity to take a gander at things through a subjective viewpoint can enable you to  gauge the openness of your  project and are capable to set up the vital systems and methodologies.

6.      Risk Management- Risk management includes the four processes of Identify-Assess-Evaluate-Monitor/Control; this is a widespread standard process taken after over every identifiable hazard. Overseeing or controlling or alleviating risks forms the essence of basic leadership and project management essentials.

7.      Problem Solving - An effective manager is one who not just invests energy in taking care of issues for their customers and giving the vital support, additionally who is early and finds more current issues to be comprehended. This massively impacts the direction the organization is heading towards and gets your skill set on to the front line.

Hence, if project managers have such skills then this will be better for your organization growth.

Friday, April 28, 2017

How Powerful Project Management is Going to Transform Your Business Plans : Khalifa Al Saif

One essential perspective that businesses battles with is attempting to be in a state of harmony with the steadily changing business progression. In such manner, what they require is viable project management processes.

Generally speaking, project management and its associated tools have constantly helped organizations with regards to effective deliveries of projects. In the contemporary circumstances, this deal has additionally turned out to be much more nuanced through orientation management and specific business forms.

To the extent the preface of the above explanation is concerned, it can easily be confirmed with various datasets. There is positively no shortage of work in any commercial centre. Just the individuals, who appropriately tap on to the operatively managing resources, achieve lucidity regarding targets and the extent of the projects the fastest, have an expert approach and have organized sets of development teams in addition to risk assessment tactics and an environment which encourages inventive teams to perform better. This is required with the goal that organizations can prevail in the proper sense.

Exactly for these reasons, developing businesses require successful project management. The way to the finishes of the usual methodology of business strategies can hypothetically and operationally stay effective through ideal optimal planning and organization of assets.

According to the experts of Khalifa Al Saif, project management processes is a mixture of streamlined linkages. Presently, organizations, in this way, need very much characterized objectives or focuses inside their motivation. The heading is the most vital perspective here.

The adoption of viable project management by the senior management of the business will make an interpretation of into better control over the enterprises but also the income generating projects. It, subsequently, furnishes the enterprise with a force which guarantees the orientation alongside building up a feeling of the common vision. Besides, development from a specific methodology to an alternate one concerning the consistent creative propensity ends up tendency becomes possible.

Basically, organizations will think that it’s hard to compete for all through and on account of companies shareholders they will dependably be expecting more returns. Consequently, the very extent of responsibility and being strategy oriented has expanded manifolds. The path forward is just through being compelling and proficient alongside an expanded responsibility and models too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Improve Teamwork to Guarantee Project Success

We can be more guaranteed we'll make progress with our projects if we possess strong teamwork. Two minds are superior than one tends to materialize 99.9% of the time. What one individual misses another gets. What is one team member’s quality is another's shortcoming. According to Khalifa Al Saif, a team has the power to achieve at least 10 times what any individual can accomplish. It is well justified, to find out how to increase the chances of teamwork success.

1.      Start From the beginning
As project leader, see when colleagues cooperate to brainstorm ideas or when they help each other with tasks.

2.      Communicate the value of teamwork
Once more, strong leadership will “win” the day. Establish your project up for accomplishment by communicating the significance of teamwork. Ensure you give illustrations and obviously convey the significance and how cooperation will link to the final product and the value to the organization.

3.      Set up common metrices
The finest way to increasing teamwork is to set up common metrics. The team must comprehend that they are in "it" together. Ensure your metrics drive the practices you want to happen.

4.      Bring out individual strengths
One ideal approach to urge teamwork is to draw out every individual's strengths. If the team can use the aggregate strengths of its team members, there is undoubtedly achievement will follow.

5.      Critical path focus
Commonly the critical path is focused around cross -functional tasks as they are the ones that straightforwardly add to the project’s planning and achievement. Highlight the significance of teamwork as it identifies with cross-functional tasks.

6.      Performance feedback
The team member must obtain performance feedback in return from their manager that aligns with the value of teamwork. This is to encourage the members in a positive way to develop more skills and put efforts for the project success.

7.      Communicate, communicate and communicate
These are the three most essential traits in accomplishing any desired objective. If all team members, supporters, sponsors and other related parties comprehend and worth teamwork, it will succeed.

Khalifa Al Saif Reviews will help you understand the dos and don’ts of project management, which will be helpful in handling projects and guiding the team accordingly.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fundamentals of Project Management By Khalifa Al Saif

Project management is a composite activity with various measurements. Contingent upon the type and class of project can be exceptionally unpredictable. The primary challenge of it is to accomplish the project goals while respecting the per-characterized limitations. The secondary challenge is to enhance the allocation of fundamental inputs and coordinate them to meet per-defined objectives.
As per the experts of Khalifa Al Saif, for an effective project, the accompanying principles are essential resources while outlining a way to completion.

Project structure
Project management ordinarily spins around three parameters – Quality, Resources and Time. A project structure can usually be effectively contrived by considering the accompanying three perspectives-
  • Project Goal
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Milestones

Definition phase
In this stage, an effective definition includes the whole group at each progression to encourage acknowledgment and commitment to the project.

Clear goals
The project manager is answerable for the accomplishment of a project goal. These objectives should always be defined using the SMART paradigm i.e. specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time-bounded.

Clarity about project status
Flow chart, structure design your development plan are valuable devices to help you remain on track and informed about the project status.

Risk recognition
Each and every project faces a lot of risks before and at the time of execution. Remember, that your project is a novel attempt with strict objectives concerning costs, appointments and performance. The sooner you distinguish these risks the sooner you nip negative improvements.

Managing project disturbances
It is true that you are not capable enough to identify each single risk that may occur. But it would be sufficient if you could at least identify the big risks and develop specific strategies to avoid them.

Responsibility of the project manager
The Project Manager is accountable for communication, including status detailing, risk management, acceleration of issues that can't be settled in the team, and ensuring the project is delivered in budget, on schedule, and within scope.

Project success
Project success is a multi-dimensional build that unavoidably implies diverse things to various individuals. It is best communicated at the starting of a project regarding key and quantifiable criteria whereupon the relative achievement or disappointment of the project may be judged.

For your project success you may take help of prominent project management service providers. If you want to know more about this service, then Khalifa Al Saif Reviews will be an answer.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Khalifa Al Saif: Secret Behind the Success of Project Management

Project management appears to be so clear. You set a due date. You set a financial plan. You select the right people. The project gets done. In reality, project management is not as simple as it seems. It’s a process which needs good attention so as to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

So here the experts of Khalifa Al Saif have shared some secrets to successful project management.

1.      Should have full project details before starting the project.

Making an entire detailed project scope affirmed by all stakeholders is a need. The extension should incorporate time intervals, with deliverable dates and a worksheet of budget that should be involved every time. If the if the first project documentation has sufficient detail, then it’s better for you and your client to connect through its development.

2.      Have right project team in place

In order for a project to be effective, you need the correct project team in place, people whose abilities and experience can profit the project, from the project manager on down. It additionally confines the quantity of individuals included.

3.      Set milestone

Set relatively frequent milestones and check in often to ensure projects stay on track. If you only set longer-term or high-level milestones, you won't realize a project is in trouble until it's too late. 

4.      Assigning work to each member of the team

At the point when numerous individuals are working together on a similar undertaking, assignments, due dates and other essential subtle elements frequently lose all sense of direction in interpretation. To stay away from confusion, figure out which team members are in charge for which pieces of work and enforce responsibility.

5.      Regular project status meetings

Regular communication with all members of the team as well as the client is the best approach to make sure that the project work is on track.

6.      Build-in Time for Changes

In technology, it’s not necessary that projects appear to follow specifications exactly. To avoid this issue and save time, build in more time for specification changes and requests.

These are the best and perfect steps to follow by the project management team working in any sector. Learn more about project management from Khalifa Al Saif Reviews.